Our Mission

To inspire and empower women today by illuminating the lives of influential and remarkable women of all races, sexualities, and backgrounds who have been overlooked in the modern historical narrative.



  • For too long women have been neglected in our retellings of history. We are dedicated to doing the research necessary to uncover stories of remarkable women that have shaped our history.
  • We're taking this project on the road to cities and towns, large and small across the U.S. to find out about everyday extraordinary women and record their stories.
  • Our work will do more than teach people about influential women on a national scale - we will also preserve the history of your town, your family, and the women that helped to shape it. 


  • We want to ensure that educators, students, and researchers have the resources that they need to teach and learn an accurate and complete history of the United States.
  • Our database contains top notch research about the lives of influential women throughout U.S. history, oral histories discussing women's experiences, and other historical documents.
  • Our digital database is expansive, easy to use, and will assist educators to teach an accurate, complete, and well-researched history.


  • History texts play an important role in facilitating learning and act as vehicles for past knowledge; however, numerous studies have shown that women and their contributions are significantly underrepresented.
  • When women are excluded or marginalized in historical texts, this sends a powerful message to youth about men and women in history as well as their places in contemporary society.
  • By building a more truthful and equitable historical narrative we hope to empower girls and boys to be better civic individuals and aspire to greatness.