Since January of 2017, The National Women's Historical Society, has been researching the intricacies of United States History and the ways in which it is taught in order to find the best method to incorporate the stories of influential women into existing history curriculums. The founders, Emily Wilson and Darian McGee, started this nonprofit officially in January of 2018 with nothing but the desire to improve history education in the U.S. and the knowledge that doing so is absolutely vital to current and future generations of men and women.  

NWHS is a purely educational organization.  It does not have a political agenda.  It does not advocate for extreme political correctness.  It does not endeavor to diminish the contributions of any individual or group.  It only aspires to educate those that would otherwise only be taught an inaccurate and incomplete version of history.   


Why should you care?

History is a beautiful thing that can inspire, inform, caution, and bring color to our lives.  Yet, at its heart, NWHS is not an organization focused on the past.  It intends to use the past to shape our future.  NWHS believes that many - if not most - of the challenges that women face today are, at least in part, rooted in the mire of a culture that has not been taught that women can and have achieved great things. As a result, many view women that reach for greatness as anomalies rather than participants in a long tradition of outstanding female figures. To give more value to the work that women do today, NWHS seeks to teach the nation to acknowledge and value the achievements of the women that have come before us.